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What is a Performing Asset?

An asset that generates income or revenue, it is considered to be a Performing Asset. As our hosts engage their audience with their talents they successfully create content and generate success in becoming a performing asset.

Who Are We?

Performing Assets Talent Agency is more than just an agency. We are a full service talent agency that empowers others to reach their highest potential. Our mission is to provide outstanding talent for live markets including BIGO Live, the entertainment industry, commercial advertisement and film. The strength of the agency, its reputation, and success is largely due to the forward-thinking of Kyra Symone and the diverse talent she brings to the agency. As chief executive officer, Kyra Symone takes pride in procuring work not only for brand ambassadors and models that are signed to her agency, but also those who are interested in becoming live-streamers on BIGO Live.

If you feel you are capable of “creating content”, “showcasing your talent”, as well as “connecting with your audience”, then PAT Agency is the right place for you. Broadcasters can earn anywhere from $520 to 24K monthly. Signup today to schedule your audition to become a live broadcaster on BIGO Live @ performingassetstalent.com or text 1-702-625-7244.

Who Do We Work With?

We work with BIGO Live to bring and showcase content creators and their talents and changes lives all around the world. Just think you get paid to do something you enjoy while showcasing your talent to an even broader audience.


Typesof Broadcasts

  • Individual Broadcasting Individual lives that allow for you to showcase your talent with just your audience.

  • Gaming Broadcasting Let's see those gaming skills! Play some of your favorite games while interacting with your fans.

  • Multi Live Broadcasting Interact with your audience and other creators in a Multi Panel. This is a great opportunity to network.


What Is Our Role

as An Agent?

At Performing Assets Talent Agency we are very instrumental when it comes to your success. Our goal is to provide first-hand knowledge of what it takes to establish credibility as a live broadcaster on BIGO Live. As your agent, we offer a training course (free of charge), which will enable you to learn as much as you can about the app, not to mention the pay structure, what is the hour requirement for each tier, and how to convert your beans into diamonds. Additionally, when issues arise with your account, PAT Agency will attempt to step in to help you rectify the problem. We are very hands on, so long as you communicate whatever issue you are experiencing.

Please keep in mind that it is up to you to provide “content” that will help you reach your tier and gain access to a larger audience. Every broadcaster is different, therefore you must find out what works best for you to help you get those beans! At the end of the day, your goal should be to actively engage with gifters and hosts that come into your live, with the hopes of generating a large following and receiving gifts.



Performing Assets Talent Agency

Performing Assets Talent Agency is known as a prestigious full service agency that manages and takes talent to the next level. Our mission is to provide outstanding talent in various areas of entertainment including live broadcasting. If you believe in yourself, look no further, Performing Assets Talent Agency is the agency for you.

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