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Kyra Symone is the Founder & CEO of Performing Assets Talent Agency. She is also a top broadcaster on BIGO Live and a VIP Host to the elite. As a social media influencer, Kyra Symone has built a reputation for providing first-hand knowledge of what it takes to excel and establish credibility as a top broadcaster. Her goal has always been to create a legacy for women in the live broadcasting arena, while promoting the interest of her host.

When she’s not broadcasting, Kyra Symone is usually busy running the agency. She’s either seeking out new talent for BIGO Live, collaborating with other broadcasters, negotiating contractual deals, helping clients to seek opportunities to promote products via commercial advertisement, recruiting brand ambassadors, or booking photo shoots and/or modeling gigs for her clients. In her spare time, Kyra Symone enjoys enhancing her photography skills as a photographer.

In addition to the agency, Kyra Symone is also the Co-Founder/Founder of “Money Magnets” a family on BIGO Live. As a result of her work ethic, Kyra Symone was featured as a top streamer on BuzzFeed. BuzzFeed is known for being the leading independent digital media and tech company that delivers breaking news and entertainment content on a global scale. Las Vegas Entrepreneurs, a magazine featuring “Entrepreneurs Making A Difference” did a feature on Kyra Symone in June 2021. Kyra Symone was featured in the magazine as one of the “Top 25 On The Rise Entrepreneurs.”

If you are interested in becoming an official paid Host/Live Broadcaster on BIGO Live, please make an account and fill out the link below and someone from our agency will reach out to you to set up your audition. As an official host on BIGO Live, BIGO compensates the host by paying them a monthly reward that can range from $520 to $24K USD plus tips & bonuses each month (depending upon your tier and the host meeting the hour requirement for that tier).


Contact Information

  • Agency Instagram @performingassetstalent

  • Bigo Instagram @bigobabekyra

  • Personal Instagram @kyrasymone

  • Telephone (702)-625-7244

  • Email kyra@performingassetstalent.com